This rope is an invitation to you. To inspire you to be more bold. To challenge the status quo. To remind you that you can turn your ideas into a reality and to give you the opportunity to take your jumping skills to the next level and change the course of history. The 1" beads create a flexible and durable rope that you can leverage to learn new skills, get a great workout in, and overall become a better athlete. The beads provide an extra bit of weight to give you more feel and helps with freestyle tricks like crossovers and more advanced moves. This is the standard beaded rope that is commonly used around the world.

  • Cord: High quality shatter proof plastic beads. Hand beaded in the USA!
  • Length: 10 ft
  • Weight: 3-3.5oz (depending on the length it is shortened to).
  • Handle: Unbreakable 5", low-density, plastic polymer handles
  • Easy resizing by removing beads as needed.

Note that the beaded cord will get some wear and tear when used on hard surfaces but this does not affect the functionality of the rope and the rope itself will only wear down over a long period of time. We always recommend jumping rope on our jump rope mats or gym flooring to increase the longevity of your jump ropes.  

Sizing: Comes with a 10 foot rope. One size fits all (will fit anybody up to 6'6" tall). Resize for your purposes according to our sizing guide. Simply put knots on the rope or cut the rope to your desired length with some scissors (disclaimer: fraying can occur when you cut the rope with scissors).

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