An excellent all-around fitness and freestyle jump rope. This jump rope features hard 5 inch plastic handles with a very durable 6 mm polyester cord, which creates a resistant build and allows one to perform freestyle tricks more easily. This is our recommended jump rope for beginners as it provides great feedback. 

  • Cord: 6 oz, polyester rope
  • Length: All ropes come are sold at 10 ft
  • Weight: 4 oz (depending not he length the rope is shortened too).
  • Easy resizing by making knots in the rope or cutting the rope as needed.
  • Handle Design: Unbreakable 5", low-density, plastic polymer handles.
  • Easily replace polyester rope when it becomes worn- See replacement PVC cords.

Note that polyester rope will get some wear and tear when used on hard surfaces but this does not affect the functionality of the rope and the rope itself will only wear down over a long period of time. We always recommend jumping rope on our jump rope mats or gym flooring to increase the longevity of your jump ropes.  

Sizing: Comes with a 10 foot rope. One size fits all (will fit anybody up to 6'6" tall). Resize for your purposes according to our sizing guide. Simply put knots on the rope or cut the rope to your desired length with some scissors (disclaimer: fraying can occur when you cut the rope with scissors).

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