What is your purpose? Why do you workout? This rope will help elevate your training. Push you to new heights. Whether your fitness goals are to get stronger, lean down, improve performance, etc, then The Purpose Rope will become your best friend. The Purpose Rope is a speed rope which includes a 3.2 mm nylon coated speed cable. The thicker nylon coating design increases durability/longevity on outdoor surfaces and makes the rope a little slower/heavier for practicing double unders. Kink resistant. Made in the USA. Designed to improve your jump rope speed. 

  • Cord: 3.2 mm nylon coated cable
  • Length: 10 ft
  • Handles Dimensions: 6.5" long / 2oz (each) / 0.7" diameter
  • Ball bearing handles which allow for an ultra fast spin.
  • Handle Materials: Made of high grade aluminum. Very durable.
  • Drawstring storage bag for ropes and cords.
  • Easy resizing and replacing cords with adjustable screws
  • Easily replace cords if they become worn- See replacement PVC cords

Note that the coated nylon cord will get some wear and tear when used on hard surfaces but this does not affect the functionality of the rope and the rope itself will only wear down over a long period of time. We always recommend jumping rope on our jump rope mats or gym flooring to increase the longevity of your jump ropes.  

Sizing: Comes with a 10 foot rope. One size fits all (will fit anybody up to 6'6" tall). Resize for your purposes according to our sizing guide. Simply put knots on the rope or cut the rope to your desired length with some scissors (disclaimer: fraying can occur when you cut the rope with scissors).

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