Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Effective Date: January 2021

The below Privacy Policy indicates the practices we use to gather online information for Jump For More LLC, d/b/a More notably, this privacy policy indicates the kind of data we collect when you are on the website and affiliate links, and how we use this data. Any information that you provide or we collect through other means other than the website and these affiliate links (for example- at a live event, through social media, by phone/mail) does not apply to this Privacy Policy. As a result of using this site, you are agreeing to the statements within this privacy policy. So, it is your responsibility to read this Privacy Policy carefully. Please be aware that we may need to update this Privacy Policy sometime down the road. If this does occur, we will display the updates in this Privacy Policy and revise the effective date to reflect this update. Correspondingly, if you continue to use the site after any changes, you approve the renewed Privacy Policy. 

How To Withdraw from Email and Phone Communication

You have the ability to withdraw from all email and phone communication by using our email unsubscribe page and/or our phone contact unsubscribe page. The only instance where we might reach out to you over the phone is when there is a customer account complication or a problem with your order. 

What Kind Of Data Will We Gather?

We gather data from the time you enter our site or subscribe to our newsletter. When placing an order or enrolling on the site, you could be prompted to enter the following information: your name, your email address, your phone number and/or your credit card information. If desired, you can visit in an incognito browser.

How We Gather and Use The Collected Data

We may store the information that you voluntarily supply us with when using this site or any communication linked to the site, such as our email feature. will only reach out to individuals who ask us to or if they have purchased anything/signed up for our email newsletter. and affiliate links gather personal identification data from all website users throughout online registration and online purchasing. The data collected consists of one’s name and email address when registering for our email newsletter, and one’s name, address, and credit card data when purchasing our products. 

Generally, this information includes name and e-mail address for registration to receive our free newsletters and name, postal address, and credit card information when purchasing our products. All of this information is provided to us by you.

We will also gather and compile data that is automatically produced as you browse through the Site. For instance, we may gather data to assess traffic and/or gain an understanding of the connection from the internet to your platform of use (example: computer, phone, etc.), which will allow us to enhance our site overall. Another thing we will utilize to help improve your user experience is using “cookies.” Cookies are record-keeping files that are placed on your hard drive by your web browser. We will use this data that the cookies collect by seeing when and how many visitors visit the site, which will allow us to document user tendencies and compile these patterns to deliver more relevant advertising. An example of another benefit to using cookies is how they record your site preferences, so when you enter the site again, you will be brought to the area of the site where you may have listed preference data during past visits.The Site will also potentially use graphic files, called web beacons (single pixel files, otherwise called “transparent GIFs”) to capture cookies and to collect the usage data on visitors to the Site or any open HTML-formatted email messages. The data collected from you and other visitors to the site are used in various ways- For instance, this data will help us set up customized features and be able to advertise on a personal basis. We might also provide your data to third party companies (such as internet service providers or contractors) for an array of purposes. Unless you explicitly state and inform us in accordance with the outlined process below, we reserve the right to use and disclose your information to third parties. This information includes all of the data collected from you while you are using the Site in any capacity and for any purpose. If you have a desire for your information not to be used for these purposes, then you must send a letter to the Online Privacy Coordinator (whose address is listed at the end of this Privacy Policy) and submit a request, so that you can be removed from any list of data that may be used for these purposes (or that may be given or sold to third parties). 

Please remember to consider that when you willingly designate your personal information online for others to view (for example- via email, chat fields, message platforms, etc), then you are allowing that data to be seen and collected and/or used by others besides us. We cannot be responsible for any unauthorized third party use of such information. 

This Site will also work with third pirates, which might contain links to independent websites and/or products and services, whose privacy policies we do not oversee and regulate. When you enter a website owned by a third party or make any purchases on products or services through the Site, then that data you supplied is controlled by the Privacy Policy of the administrator of that site you are visiting or the seller of the applicable services or products.  

We may also share third party services, products and/or content through our Site and can provide any third party service with any of the data you supply us with or that in which is collected when you visit any of the pages made accessible by our collaborative third party partners. In some instances, the third party partner might gather data directly from you, in which case, the Privacy Policy of that third party may apply to their use of information. The Privacy Policy of our third party partners may be different than ours at Jump For More If you need clarification or have any questions pertaining to the third party’s privacy policy, then you will need to contact them directly to get access to more information. 

Please recognize that we may release data regarding our users who visit the Site to help protect the rights, property or safety while complying with the law. In addition, as our business continues to expand, we may buy or sell various assets. In the rare circumstance that we do sell any assets, such as one or more of our websites, then the data collected about our users may be a part of this transaction. 

In What Ways Do We Use Your Information?

Any of the data gathered from our users may be used in one of the following ways: To continually improve our website and make changes where necessary and to enhance our customer service- Without your consent, your information, whether it is public or private, will not be sold, traded, sent, or supplied to any other company for any purpose, other than for the reasons of delivering the desired purchased service or product. 

How do we protect your information?

We have implemented a various number of security measures that aim to keep your information safe and secure. However, it is noteworthy and important for you to know that not all websites, applications, and databases are entirely protected and we cannot predict all of the possible ways in which your information could be misused. You using this Site indicates that you are willing to assume the risk of the security of your information, since we cannot guarantee this security. 

In order for us to provide a secure Site, we have implemented the following: 

Protected operating setting. We house your gathered information in a protected operating setting that is protected from the public and only can be accessed by authorized Jump For More employees and/or contractors. We adhere to generally agreed upon industry requirements to secure your personal information. Nevertheless, no means of internet storage is 100% protected. Therefore, we are not able to guarantee absolute security. To access an account, users must have prior authentication. In order for any user to access an account or make any changes to that account, they must confirm their identity by entering an email address and password. 

Actionable items that we count on you to take. ​We expect you take all of the necessary action in order for you to keep your information safe and secure. For example, when signing up for an account on any site, please select a password that is difficult for others to guess. You should never share your password with anyone. If you do use a public computer or other device, never select to have your email/username and password remembered on that computer. 

Do we use cookies?

Yes, we do use cookies- Again, cookies are record-keeping files that are placed on your hard drive by your web browser. What cookies allow us and other service providers to do is to capture certain pieces of information to further enhance the user experience. 

Do We Disclose Any Information To Outside Parties?

We do not disclose any personal information to external parties. However, this does not consist of our trustworthy and credible third parties who help us with any service related aspect of the business, insomuch as these third parties maintain this information to be held in privacy. We also have the ability to release your information if it is deemed appropriate to comply with the law, in the efforts to protect the safety of people. Moreover, any non-personally identifiable user data may be supplied to independent parties to be used for marketing, advertising, and/or other various uses. 

Google Analytics

We do engage with Google Analytics and use features to enhance our company. The features used for advertising include: DoubleClick Platform integrations, Google Analytics Demographics, Interest Reporting, Remarketing with Google Analytics, and Google Display Network Impression Reporting, etc. The Remarketing feature will grant us the ability to reach users who previously visited our Site, so that way we can match our advertising with the likes of our viewers. Please keep in mind that you have the ability to opt out of Google's cookies by visiting the Google ad settings. Additionally, you can opt out of third party vendor’s use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page. We may also collect content or information from Facebook users and the data gathered from that may be used in the same manner as what has already been declared in this Privacy Policy. We do abide by Facebook's Data Use Restrictions. Furthermore, you give us your consent to our collection of such information on Facebook. 

We are obligated to inform our users that our third party partners and our company uses first party cookies (for example- the Google Analytics cookie) and also utilize other first party identifiers together to collect information regarding the activities on our site.

Any information gathered from our advertising data on Facebook is only shared with us or our third party partners, who are acting on our behalf. We are accountable for guaranteeing that our third party partners protect any information gained from Facebook advertisements. We do not utilize Facebook advertisements for any purpose, except to evaluate our performance on the Facebook advertising campaigns and to validate the effectiveness. 

Children’s Privacy Statement

This children’s privacy statement describes what we do with the personal information of children aged thirteen or younger that is collected on our Site and through our third party partners. This privacy statement also includes important information with regards to the data collected and what children’s rights are under federal law. We have a screening process for those who want to provide personal information, which allows us to prevent users under the age of thirteen. We do not knowingly collect personal data from children that are thirteen years of age or younger. If we did happen to get personal information from a user that is thirteen years of age or younger, then we will delete that information from all of our records. Moreover, if we do happen to change our children's policy in the future and do start collecting information for children thirteen years old or younger, then we will get parental consent before going forward with this. As a matter of us not collecting any personal information from children aged thirteen or younger, we also do not knowingly send said information to third parties. We do not knowingly allow and are aware of children under the age of thirteen to post any personal information to the Site. 

Third Party Links

We may provide third party links to services or products through our Site. These third party providers have independent and separate privacy policies, so we will not hold any accountability and any liability for that matter for the actions associated with these links. Nevertheless, we will attempt to maintain the safety of our site. 

Online Privacy Only

Our online Privacy Policy does not involve any data gathered offline, but rather just pertains to the information collected through our website. Please be aware that you may be tagged with a “re-marketing” cookie when on our website, social media accounts, or other online platforms which will allow us to produce more relevant advertisements to our audience. 

Contacting Us

If you have any questions pertaining to this privacy policy, please contact below.